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e-Lessons FAQ

Thank you for considering online music lessons with one of our hand-selected instructors. Here you can get lessons from qualified teachers, performers, artists and celebrities. We hope to expand our offering of instructors and instrument selection over coming weeks as we get more sign-ups, so please keen checking back, or send us a request if you’re looking to learn something specific.

How does it work?

We’ve loaded each offer as a product on our site. Under the various instruments, you’ll find instructors which you can click on to see their offer. Please read their requirements, their rate, minimum number of lessons to be booked and view their intro video before making a choice. Remember, as it’s an online service, you will need a computer or tablet (preferably) connected to reliable broadband internet with one of the available platforms installed.

Once you’ve ordered your lessons, your instructor will be in touch very shortly after to arrange a quick meet up on the chosen platform to ensure you can connect correctly to enjoy the lesson. Once this has been done and it is agreed that the lessons will proceed, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded and the teacher will get paid from us.

Recurring lessons can be bought on our site as needed, in batches of the minimum allowed at a time, alternatively we can set up a recurring payment via our payment gateway by arrangement.

Your lessons are designed and delivered by the relevant teacher and not by Bounce Sound and Lighting we act as an agent for them only and are not employing the teachers, nor do they represent us in any way.

For more information, please email [email protected] or chat to us on our Facebook page